by Sasha Sabbeth



Bay Area Women's Journal Article

Succeed In Sync With Your Soul™ 
and The Passion Test™     



California Business Woman
Passion And Life Purpose Destiny
For Professional And Personal
Success To Succeed In Sync
With Your Soul™


Novato Advance Newsletter-
The Business Of Business - by Al Coddington


Follow Your Passion: Doing It,
Tougher Than It Sounds




“Working with Sasha has been an incredibly empowering experience. The 10 minute Daily Laser Alignment Coaching sessions have helped me achieve clarity about my Life Purpose and how to release what has been holding me back. Working in partnership with Sasha, I am creating a plan for my future which reflects my passion and life purpose, honors my commitment to self care in body, mind and spirit, authenticates my desire to make a difference in the world with my work, and to Succeed in Sync with My Soul!”

- Mary E. Knippel: Creativity  Mentor, Writer, Speaker - 


"I have been a professional coach and business owner for many years. I enthusiastically wish to acknowledge the value and inner clarity experienced in the work that I did together with Sasha Sabbeth in The Passion Test™ process. She is a most insightful and focused coach who tirelessly facilitated my discovery in this powerful process. The breakthroughs gained working with Sasha were something that I was unable to create for myself. I recommend this valuable coaching to all business owners wanting to move past blocks that limit - to passions that inspire. This revealing and insightful process will create a firm foundation on which to build a satisfying and fulfilling life. And, Sasha is the perfect facilitator and mentor for that result. Inspire yourself to live a life of NO REGRETS! Call Sasha! Sasha, thank you sincerely for your love and commitment to your clients."

- Marilyn Davidson: Chi Enterprises - Coach, Trainer, Business Owner


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