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A session module of a personality analysis tool named PrintTM.
The Print TM system explains:


       How we are motivated

       That which motivates our behavior

       That which is our Shadow Self and why

       That which is our Best Self profile and why

       The situations and experiences that shut us down

       Why a person has certain thoughts and emotional responses

       That which must be avoided to sustain a Best Self experience

       That which is meant by Best Self and how to attain that state

       The triggers that lead us into Best Self or Shadow Self behavior
       That which is meant by Shadow Self and how to avoid that state





The first step is that the client will receive a username and password to take an online questionnaire.  Typically, the questionnaire takes most people 15 - 25 minutes. 


Within 24 hours, both my client and myself will receive an email  summary profile analysis report giving a general explanation of the determined personality.


The next step is that I will have a Debrief session that is 1.5 to 2 hours in length.  It is recorded for future review.  I focus the information to directly relate to my clients life so that the information is immediately utilized for day to day ease and education.



This Module Is Perfect For People Who:


  • Desire to understand their behavior, emotional responses, and thought patterns

  • Would like to strategically set a new life direction to better maximize their strengths and natural tendencies 

  • Would like greater ease in navigating their own emotional, mental, and physical states when they feel uncomfortable, challenged, and under great stress
  • Desire to understand how to better work with other personalities

  • Want to discover what truly motivates them on a day to day basic

  • Would like to understand what they need to avoid so that they can feel most empowered, productive, peaceful, and successful

  • Who like an additional tools with which to accelerate their self awareness and self development









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"Doing the PrintTM Strategies Personality Survey with Sasha was a very validating and illuminating experience. I got tremendous value from finding out about my unconscious motivators and how they fully drive my thoughts, actions and beliefs. It was amazing to see how accurate it was and how good I felt about myself as a result. I also saw how far I have come in developing the positive aspects of my print.


More importantly, Sasha offered her own integration of the information through her great insight and vision into what makes me tick...I really appreciated that! In addition, she had a way of reframing my thoughts/questions so that they were powerful, useful and enlightening for me. I left our call uplifted and empowered.”

- Rita Reneaux: YES And Company - Trainer, Business Consultant -



“My Print Personality Profile session with Sasha was quite liberating. I felt a shift in my day to day experiences right away. Sasha was masterful at helping me understand the results of the profile in a way that I can apply to specific situations. I feel like I’ve been given permission to be who I am!


Sasha is the best coach I have ever worked with because we truly work on a Soul level. 
Sasha is also the best coach I have ever worked with because the work that she customizes for me goes to the core of what I need. The beneficial results include that I am freed up to express myself through my behavior in more successful, effective ways for my fulfillment, inner peace, and goal objectives.


- Joie Seldon, M.A.: EMOTION EDUCATION™ -



"Professionally, I am in the tax and finance field. As with the Enneagram, reading about my personality type In the PrintTM Strategies Personality was useful; but the most powerful piece was the consultation you provided. Your gentle guidance in digging deeper was very useful in getting to a new level of awareness of myself and where my personality has come from. I find that I am now embracing parts of my personality that I had partially (or completely) denied and, therefore, didn't pay much attention to in my quest for peace within my Self. Thank you for your expertise and guidance."


- Lynn Johnston: Lynn Johnston, EA, Inc. - Tax and Bookkeeping Services



“My PrintTM Strategies Personality Profile module with Sasha Sabbeth was very useful.  Extreme details of my strengths and how to harness those strengths were given to me in the Debrief coaching session. This has given me greater effectiveness in situations that are unproductive and uncomfortable. I am attracting more experiences of meeting people who also share my strengths and traits of valuing fun and enjoying life itself. I particularly see that I honor myself more as a result of learning about myself through the PrintTM personality distinctions


I have gained an improved ability to better manage my energy and moods.

If I am not happy with something that I do or say, I now understand that I am in a Shadow state. I now can analyze what is bothering me that put me into a Shadow frame of mind.  From my debrief session with Sasha, I now understand my Unconscious Motivators and what I need to avoid so that I shift myself out of being in a Shadow mode into my Best Self mode. In my Best Self, I am happier, more productive, and more effective. In my day to day routines, I look at why I am feeling uncomfortable, forgive myself, and then take the necessary actions that will be fulfilling to me. 


As a facilitator, Sasha was very thorough and extensive in presenting the information in a nonjudgmental manner. Sasha made certain that I fully understood the information and how it directly applied to the elements of my life. The day after our session, I had asked Sasha, “What do I do now with what I just learned?”  She effectively pointed out to me how to use my new personality tools to better address particular current life situations.  I was then easily able to integrate my new perspectives in my day to day affairs.”

- Mary Albitz: Owner


“Going over my print profile with Sasha has given me an easy and deep understanding of what makes me tick! I also received answers to why certain situations trigger and totally take me out the game. I received reinforcement that my current path in business and relationships will provide continued fuel for passion, prosperity and joy. I also received strategies to quickly move into my best self and away from shadow self.

Thank you Sasha for being a guiding light!”


- Maurine Xavier: Isagenix Consultant



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