Entrepreneur Intuition And Purpose Soul Coach

  Sasha Sabbeth is an Entrepreneur Soul Coach with 29 years experience as a personal, spiritual, and business development consultant, speaker, and trainer. Her mission is to help clients craft themselves, their business, and their world to passionately live their Soul Purpose. Sasha's signature message is: Succeed In Sync With Your Soul ™


The process and identification of knowing one's Soul Purpose gives a person deeper access to inspired success, joy, creativity, and inner peace. Sasha demonstrates for clients that clarity about Soul Purpose, courage of action, and commitment to become the person they need to be to have what they truly long to live all contribute to an obvious inner Shift. This Shift is actually an awakening to a profound spiritual awareness whereby a person comes to "see" and express their true Soul Essence. Once the Soul Purpose is discovered, Sasha then guides her clients and audiences to identify their unique Business Soul Signature that has their entrepreneurial and other business objectives be a seamless extension of their Soul Purpose. In this way, Sasha's work removes the need to feel that one must compartmentalize and fracture one's life expression in order to be fulfilled. Rather, Sasha's objective is for an individual to consistently live what they were born to live and have that life be Passion and Spirit rich.

As a Certified Passion Test Facilitator and a True Purpose Coach™, Sasha's specialties include guiding her clients (especially those in life transition), to focus on their passions and life calling to design a life that they were born to live.

Client benefits have been greater business profits, expanded client base, more effective strategic productivity, heightened intuition, nurturing and appropriate relationships, dynamic courage, greater clarity of intention and purpose, spiritual values implemented into day to day life, and improved health.

As a catalyst, Sasha aids individual clients and large audiences to connect to their intuition, core values, and their intrinsic talents. Clients acknowledge how they are moved by her perceptiveness, compassion, and persistence. These qualities are the hard-earned, yet blessed results of Sasha's own extreme life experience of illness and emotional trauma.

Her simple, effective tools include Neuro Linguistic Programming, Print Strategies profile personality assessment tools, project design strategies, self hypnosis, law of attraction templates, intuition building, and stress management techniques. When appropriate, Sasha uses her unique transformative tool of vocal toning to help clients release the blocks that limit them, strengthen their goal attainment, and experience healing relaxation.

For devoted pet owners, Sasha offers leading edge resources which inspire clients to better care for and understand their pets. As a Reiki Master and a Soma Pi energy healer, Sasha transmits hands on or long distance healing energies to help pets recover from injury and illness. When ready to die, Sasha also assists pets to transition over the "Rainbow Bridge" and comforts their companions who are left behind.

 Sasha and her dog

Sasha's extraordinary relationship with her dog, Echo, influenced Sasha's commitment to the well being of animals. It was because of their deep love for each other and strong commitment to life, that Echo survived cancer for 11 years. She transitioned peacefully in Sasha's arms at the age of 17.


Sasha Sabbeth and her cat

Sasha with Serenity. Serenity was put to sleep due to suspected vaccination induced cancer.  


 Sasha Sabbath and Blessing

Sasha now lives in beautifulSonoma County, California with her rescued cat, Blessing.

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