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Reiki is a natural healing modality. A Reiki session on one's self or for others involves sending energy through one's hands or through directed thought for long distance healing and manifestation. It is referred to as Universal Life Force energy. Some refer to Reiki has pure Love energy.


Only people who have been initiated by a Reiki Master can transmit the Reiki energy current. This is a self help tool for accelerated personal development, health goals, spiritual expansion, and deep relaxation. When focused upon an intention, Reiki will bring high energy frequencies to reinforce that purpose, agenda, and intention. When used on one's self for personal development, Reiki will help to dissolve and transmute the energy structures that perpetuate unwanted thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and physical conditions. The outcome of Reiki influence is that a person becomes more aligned with their higher faculties and Best Self.


The Reiki training consists of me transmitting the Reiki current into the person's energy field. The person will then be conditioned to channel that Reiki frequency of energy. This is called an initiation. Once initiated, the client will learn hand positions to work on one's self and others.

A massage table will be used as a training platform to practice working on others and on one's self.


I train people in Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki levels of competence. Level 1 allows a person to channel the energy for in person hands on sessions. Level 2 allows a person to perform long distance healing and to energize intentions by learning symbols that further activate the Reiki energy.




Initiation Trainings Can Be Delivered In:


One on one private session - approximately 6 hours


In a group size of approximately 4 or more attendees




This Program Is Perfect For People Who:



  • Want to accelerate the unfolding of their personal development potential 


  • Want to better manage and heal health issues  


  • Want effective ways to relax and experience deeper inner peace 


  • Want to be able to help others feel better and participate more effectively in their lives 


  • Want to have a powerful tool with which to intensify their focus for specific outcomes  


  • Want interdimensional access to higher spiritual realms for personal and professional results 





Private one on one training   $775.00





Group Training   $475.00



 Reiki Program, Sasha Sabbeth





"Reiki connects me to others in a profound way, the way of our spirit. I've never practiced a healing art that does as much as it does for those that share it. I experience Reiki at the very essence of what maintains health, brings about healing. As such, I find that I add it to the other modalities in m practice. Sasha has been a clear and powerful teacher of this most beneficial art."


- Bill Manewal


"I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to participate in your Reiki workshop. It was a profoundly nurturing and joyous experience. Your graceful, articulate presentation style made it easy to engage in the material. I was amazed at how much was accomplished in the time we spent together. The actual bodily feeling of the flow of Reiki healing energy is thrilling and I use it on myself regularly. I am also excited abaout my ability to support other people with this amazing healing skill.


Reiki is a gift. You are a gift!"


With Great Appreciation

-  Joanne Black


"I found the Reiki Training Initiation very soothing, simple, natural, and moving. It was handled well and delivered genuinely. I found Sasha to be very authentic, articulate, and nurturing. I appreciated the opportunity to bring my "God-Given" gift to heal into a useful channel for expression. I was "healed" during the 2 days and found great joy and fulfillment in "healing" others. It was and is a joyous experience. Thanks for making this training available."


- Rita Reneaux: Trainer, Business Consultant –


"I took Sasha's Reiki Healing Workshop. In doing Reiki treatments, I have been able to increase my physical energy when I have been at levels of exhaustion, gotten almost immediate relief from headaches, had significant pain relief from a recent operation, and found it very helpful in dealing with emotional blocks.


A week after completing the Reiki Workshop, my wife asked if I would give her a Reiki treatment. She was just starting her menstrual cycle and was having severe cramps with headaches. Within 30 minutes of the treatment, the pain from both the cramps and headache were gone. The pain did not return for the remainder of her cycle.


I would recommend Sasha's Reiki Workshop to anyone sincerely interested in self help and the help of others."


- Robert Terry


"My Reiki Initiation was truly a wonderful gift. Before taking your course in Reiki, I didn't realize that the energy which flows through all of us is so powerful and can be channeled to be used for healing. Since the Reiki weekend, I have used Reiki on a daily basis to reduce stress in my life, to balance myself physically and emotionally, to work on areas in my life which could cause emotional or mental upsets. By channeling this energy, I'm gradually attaining inner peace, a softening of the edges of my perception of my experiences.


When I use Reiki for a distant healing, the person later reported experiencing less discomfort in the areas which were formerly painful and slept well that night for the first time in months. I re-connecting and re-building of a relationship long buried in unspoken words and emotions is taking place due to several long distance healings I've channeled.


If enough people were Reiki initiated, we could take responsibility for the healing of ourselves and the planet and this could change the course of history. Thank you, Sasha, for inviting me to your world of making a difference in peoples' lives."


- With Deep Appreciation,

Chery Inouye


"When I attended your Reiki Workshop, I had the intention of using Reiki to help me with my headaches. You had a vision of me using this tool as a way to also work with my horses, as one of my hobbies is to competitively show Quarter Horses. It made sense to me, although I did not have quite the vision that you had. Now, I have my own business which is providing Reiki treatment to horses as well as riders. In our work together, you would always stress the importance of Purpose and being on the right path for myself. I have seen the power in this... when you are doing what you are meant to do. The doors swing open and make it possible for people to pursue their dreams. I am grateful for your vision and for giving me access to the tools that I would need in my pursuit of happiness. I look forward to continuing our relationship, and I always know that you are available as a source of guidance and support."


With love,

Kristin Farris





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