Succeed In Sync With Your Soul 

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Passion And Purpose In Claiming Your Ideal Life

Living Your Passions, Life Purpose Destiny, and The Passion Test™ 

With Sasha Sabbeth
Entrepreneur’s Life Purpose Soul Coach 



37 Minutes of excerpts from a live lecture at Borders Book Store in  Santa Rosa, California 


What Would Your Life Be Like If You Were Living Your Passions
And Your Life Purpose Destiny To Succeed In Sync With Your Soul  ?

This MP3 Download is an effective tool to use again and again to revisit catalytic questions so that you may design a life you were born to live. 

Here is the opportunity to follow along with the audience to: 





...A mindset for a passion filled life experience where you are fully in alignment with your Life Purpose Destiny to Succeed In Sync With Your Soul .


  • What does it mean to Succeed In Sync With Your Soul?  
  • What does the impact of Passion mean to you and the quality of your life?  
  • Explore how to consciously complete a year, or any particular life phase, before transitioning into what is next in your life. 
  • Self Inquiry questions designed to inspire and mobilize you to assess your current life experience and deliberately design your ideal life expression.  
  • Visualization process to uncover your true heart’s desires for your ideal life.  
  • Listen to amazing life experiences of overcoming obstacles when people pursued their passions and honored their Life Purpose Destiny.  
  • Allow yourself to be stirred and inspired by the probing audience questions.  
  • Learn about the New York Time’s Best Seller’s book, The Passion Test™, by Chris and Janet Attwood, and how you can benefit from this powerful yet simple process.  
  • The benefits of having passion fulfillment support and passion buddies.  
  • Periodically review your life to design and activate more of what you truly long to live.    



Sasha Sabbeth


"Sasha’s ‘Succeed In Sync With Your Soul' CD is a potent 37 minutes of “Soul Food” nuggets. Her passion is completely contagious. Through her evocative invitation, I could feel my heart tune more to what excited me, lights me up, and turns me on. I recommend this value-packed coaching CD for anyone who could use encouragement and a healthy dose of support in living his or her most passionate and ideal life. Thank you, Sasha!" 

  - Fay Freed: Co-Director, Wisdom Connection - 

"I found Sasha’s ‘Succeed In Sync With Your Soul' CD quite powerful. I was surprised by my reaction since I am already clear about my passions and vision in life. I was stretched to consider ideas that had not crossed my mind due to the conversations on the CD. I love having my perspective expanded and Sasha does just that in a very nurturing and profound way. This CD is so worth having!" 

- Rita Reneaux: Consulting Firm Owner: YES! & Company

"The views that Sasha expressed in her ‘Succeed In Sync With Your Soul’ CD were global and dealt with every area of my life. It was inspiring in how it challenged me to change my view and my perspective. I don't know if I'm there yet. However, I know that I can listen to it again and again and get something different out of it every time that will enhance my life. This is a valuable resource that I now can add to my tool kit." 

- MB: Assistant Community Property Manager, Greystar Real Estate Partners, West 

 "Sasha Sabbeth’s ‘Succeed in Sync with Your Soul’ CD provides the listener with a good overview of her message and style. In it she asks a series of questions to invoke introspection and reflection and help the listener identify what is important to them. Many individuals go through life focusing on day to day issues, ignoring the bigger picture. Sasha, as a Entrepreneur’s Life Purpose Soul Coach, works with her clients to identify and appreciate the bigger picture with regard to what is truly important to them in life. She enables them to identify their passions."

- BM: Trust Officer, National Trust Bank

 "Sasha’s energy and words in her Succeed In Sync With Your Soul   CD inspired me to approach my life from a Higher Self perspective. Thank you, Sasha, for I now look forward to quickening my pace as I run with more clarity along the path of my own destiny."

 GS: Community Property Manager, Greystar Real Estate Partners, West 

"Sasha Sabbeth is a force to be reckoned with. She has a quiet, precise power that allows her to be completely clear about her insights. She quickly brought me to the recognitions I needed about my life which helped me refocus my business for greater success."

- Suzanne Sherkin: Highborn Communications - President and CPO

"Your Passion Test Workshop was really helpful and valuable for me! I learned several tools which I can utilize to further my ability to identify my passions and then to manifest them in my life."

As a self-employed photographer, these tools will help me in directing my efforts to increase my business and to be more organized. Thanks for your wonderful facilitation of a topic that could have gone off track many times, yet, you kept us on track and kept the momentum going. Thank you for a day well spent!"

  - CJ: Professional Photographer 

"Sasha Sabbeth is an amazing woman- a decisive problem-solver with sound ability to strategize and think clearly under pressure. She is self-motivated, inclusive, decisive, resourceful, and thoroughly committed to professional excellence. Her coaching and presentations help others to clarify their true passions, and facilitates them to move in the straightest path towards fulfilling their dreams."

  - SM: Public Relations Business Owner 

"My work is chiropractic, neurology, and nutrition and my goal is to rapidly expand my practice to full capacity. Sasha was very insightful in the flow of her presentation, the questions she asked, and in her interactions with the audience. She is very skilled at sensing the barriers that someone may be facing. Sasha is equally good at recommending solutions or alternate approaches to life's challenges." 

"From Sasha's presentation, I gained further clarity into my values and life goals and how to best achieve them. I highly recommend Sasha Sabbeth as a public speaker, motivator, and Entrepreneur’s Life Purpose Soul Coach."

 - CC: Chiropractor, C.C.N

"Recently, I had the privilege of hearing Sasha Sabbeth speak to a group of people on "Discovering Your Passions". I was impressed with Sasha's calm and serene speaking ability. Sasha was amazing! She brought total strangers into the discussion with humor and ease. Sasha's subject matter was so thought-provoking, I found myself replaying certain comments in my head on the way home. Sasha is truly an inspirational speaker."

- Suzanne Dodd:  Office ManagerBennett ValleyJewelers,  Santa Rosa,  CA

"In my experience, there are three most important characteristics of a successful presentation. One is the passion of the presenter; the second is the invitation to participate in the dialog; and the third is the clarity of the topic matter. Sasha did a great job with all three. The audience responded to Sasha’s openness and fully participated in the event. One of the highlights was how Sasha worked with an attendee to get beneath the surface of her concerns. Watching Sasha help this person really created value for me. I was impressed with Sasha’s demeanor and focus during the event. I finished the event well-informed about the opportunity, as well as the next steps."

  - Tom Marx: President and CEO The Marx Group – 

"I attended one of Sasha Sabbeth's presentations. The energy that she exuded was infectious. I was particularly impressed with Sasha's attention to each person. The presentation left me feeling empowered with the tools and desire needed to reach deeper into myself. It truly was a mind opening experience. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Sasha! It is clear that you have found your purpose. I'm seizing this opportunity to once again bring balance to my life!"

 - P.G.: Assessment Clerk Sonoma County Assessor   




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