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Passion And Purpose In Claiming Your Ideal Life:
Living Your Passions, Life Purpose, And  

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"Recently, I had the privilege of hearing Sasha Sabbeth speak to a group of people on "Discovering Your Passions". I was impressed with Sasha's calm and serene speaking ability. Sasha was amazing! She brought total strangers into the discussion with humor and ease. Sasha's subject matter was so thought-provoking, I found myself replaying certain comments in my head on the way home. Sasha is truly an inspirational speaker." 


- Suzanne Dodd:  Office ManagerBennettValleyJewelers, Santa Rosa, CA 


"In my experience, there are three most important characteristics of a successful presentation. One is the passion of the presenter; the second is the invitation to participate in the dialog; and the third is the clarity of the topic matter. Sasha did a great job with all three. The audience responded to Sasha’s openness and fully participated in the event. One of the highlights was how Sasha worked with an attendee to get beneath the surface of her concerns. Watching Sasha help this person really created value for me. I was impressed with Sasha’s demeanor and focus during the event. I finished the event well-informed about the opportunity, as well as the next steps." 


 - Tom Marx: President and CEO The Marx Group –  


"I attended one of Sasha Sabbeth's presentations. The energy that she exuded was infectious. I was particularly impressed with Sasha's attention to each person. The presentation left me feeling empowered with the tools and desire needed to reach deeper into myself. It truly was a mind opening experience. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Sasha! It is clear that you have found your purpose. I'm seizing this opportunity to once again bring balance to my life!" 


 - P.G.: AssessmentClerkSonomaCountyAssessor   





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