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In this dynamic, eWomen organization live presentation, Sasha offers: 


  • An easy, fun, and powerful exercise to access your Mojo at will.

  • Self Hypnosis and NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) exercises 


  • An explanation of Soul Purpose and the importance of knowing your Soul Purpose for personal and professional benefits.  


  • Simple, fast techniques to harness your Passion Power in the face of challenges.   


  • Easy self inquiry questions with which to begin an internal process to identify your Soul Life Purpose. 

  • Techniques to rev up your Mojo and feel greater confidence regardless of the existing situation. 


  "Living one’s Soul Purpose allows for the experience of extraordinary confidence, clarity, love, magic, creative genius, success, resiliency, personal power, and inner peace ." Sasha Sabbeth







“Sasha's energy is as dynamic as her content!  If you need a quick boost of energy and motivation as well as a reminder of how to harness the power of intent to live a more passionate life - then this is for you!”  


- Aimée Lyndon-Adams: Spiritual Energy Healer –   


“Sasha Sabbeth presents with the same passion that she instills in her audience. This presentation will have you begin to open to what is truly your soul’s passion and begin to put yourself on your passion path.”


-   Caterina Rando, MA , MCC: Business Success Coach –  


“Sasha Sabbeth is excitement itself onstage.  Not only is her information immediately usable (a feat in itself!), but it is delivered with such enthusiasm and conviction that we in the audience couldn’t help but be riveted.  I highly recommend her seminars!” 


- Dia North: HID Video Productions – 

“Sasha has a unique way of showing people the way to get in touch with their passion. She inspires this connection, as when you are following you passion, that is when you will truly thrive in life! Her presentation is easy to assimilate, and you will leave there moved and on a quest to discover your passion”. 


- Bonnie Bruderer: Life-Coaching & NLP –   


“Sasha, I just wanted to thank you for an inspiring and energizing talk: Create A Passion Powered Business To Success. I especially liked the way you showed us how to tap those wonderful feelings associated with achievement and use them to great effect in our business and personal lives. I looked around the room at one point and the audience was doing some Level One note-taking. Obviously, they agreed with me that we received some important, motivating, and practical information from you this evening. I can't thank you enough for giving me the ideas and the push to get out there and go!”

-     Patricia Daeley: Principal 


“I have worked with Sasha Sabbeth as a coaching client on several occasions. She is utterly committed to her clients, and has the unique ability to offer content that is relevant to the client while working her magic.   


As highlighted in her presentation: Create A Passion Powered Business To Success, even when one is feeling diffused, lacking confidence or just generally tired of working in their chosen field (and we all get there from time to time), Sasha has exercises and techniques to put you back on track and feeling passionate about life and work. 


I highly recommend Sasha as a Entrepreneur’s Life Purpose Soul Coach to anyone who wants to be inspired, to become more passionate about their life’s purpose, and to pursue their committed objectives.” 


- Nancy Lewellen: Attorney - Palladian Law Group – 


“Sasha is a passionate speaker and obviously knowledgeable about living one’s passions.   She really got me thinking about my “Mojo” and what is active in my energy field that impacts my personal and professional life experiences. Also, I am using a NeuroLinguistic Programming technique that she taught in her presentation called “anchoring.”  I apply it by remembering a desired past experience and then anchor it to bring forward into my present NOW . I am finding this particular technique to be very empowering and effective in attaining my day to day objectives”.


- Nancy D. Waring: Communications and Marketing Consultant 




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